5 Reliable Pickup Trucks You Can Buy For Less Than $10K


The first reliable truck is the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado



I'll tell you now this is a top pick among this list. There's a reason it was named 2007 NA truck of the year. From multiple trim levels, cab sizes, bed lengths, and engine types available with in the used market world you're sure to find the right one for you. The exterior has a pure pickup truck look and sits lower than most full size pick up trucks making it easier to load with both cargo and of course people. Let's be honest we all know someone that has difficulty getting into a truck.

Moving on to the interior. it's very friendly for those that like to to get dirty. The Silverado has knobs, switches and door handles that can easily be operated while wearing gloves. Controls are noticeably bigger on the pure pickup trim the WT and LT trim while the theLTZ model leans more towards a more up scale look. Instrument panels are pushed forward and sit lower for better front visibility and a sense of more space.

Some unique interior features include a lockable storage under the front bench like seats,a 12 volt power outlet and power adjustable pedals. Like I said earlier there are many engine variants, ranging from a 4. 3L V6 with 195HPand 260lb-ft of torque to the Silverados most powerful 6L V8 engine that produces 367HPand 375lb-ft of torque.

Interesting fact about all the V8 engines offered is that its run by a an active fuel management system that cuts operation of four cylinders when they are uneeded and with resultsin a slight increase in fuel efficiency. Honestly it's extremely hard finding a bad review on the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado and it'sjust under the F150 when it's comes to sales. You can get one for just under 10K with around 80K miles and for as low as 7K with around150K miles.

Next Truck is the 2008 Dodge Dakota



If you need a truck that you can easily maneuver throughout congested city traffic and crowded parking lots, this truck does it very well. But by no means is this a little pickup. It's about as big as some full sized pickups once were. Actually at the time it offered the most power and largest interior in it's class.

Styling on the outside is not the most impressive, but honestly this truck is about utility rather than its appearance. If you purchase the V8 engine version of the Dakota you'll have the towing capacity ofmore than 7K pounds! The interior quality, well there is no quality. Which is actually some what of a good thing.

Perfect for not caring about it. Feel free to trash it. If you opt in for the extended cab forget fitting anyone comfortably on the rear seats,you'll be lucky if you dog doesn't complain about feeling cramped. So if you're looking for more passenger room get the crew cab. There is also plenty of storage available within the cabin, you might actually findit challenging trying to use all of them.

Under the rear seats you also get two pop up black bins to store smaller items that sort of resemble milk crates. When it comes to performance you can find the Dakota with either an automatic transmissionor manual with your choice of a 3. 7L V6 engine that produces 210HP and 235lb-ft of torque or the 4. 7L V8 engine that produces 302HP and 329lb-ft of torque.

If you're looking for truck that offers maneuverability of a small truck combined with big towing capacity, and seating for up to 6 people the Dakota might be the right fit for you. You can find them for as low at $8500 with less than 100K miles on it.

Up next is the 2009 Nissan Frontier



Pretty much a smaller version of the Nissan Titan, with better reliability. In fact it's one of the most reliable trucks you can get for the price according to user reviews and high dependability ratings from both consumer reports and JD Power. When it comes to ride quality the Frontier shines.

It handles and rides better than some sedans, providing a quiet and comfortable ride. With so many SUVs and crossovers around the Frontier does a good job at being an all purpose vehicle especially if you decide to go for the crew cab variant. The exterior is one of the better looking pickup trucks for the year in my opinion and features the same beefy frame pulled from the Titan.

The bed offers a utility track system that makes it easy to transport cargo loads safetly. As far as the interior goes, you get some cool, unique features. Like a passenger seat that folds flat for increased cargo space, dual stacked gloveboxes,multiple 12 volt power outlets, removable storage boxes beneath the rear seats, a traybuilt into the top of the dashboard perfect for carrying small items and even a one litercup holder built in to the front doors.

Finally a cup holder that can fit a BIG GULP. Ultimately you get a very simple interior even when it comes to controls, it won't have you looking for the owner's manual. You can purchase the Frontier with two different engines, the more fuel efficient 2. 5L 4 cyl engine that produces a messily 152HP and 171lb-ft of torque and the more powerful 4L V6 engine that produces 261HP and 281lb-ft of torque and can tow up to 6500 pounds. And like most trucks you can opt in for a manual or automatic transmission.

While the Nissan frontier is much harder to find than the other trucks for under 10K theyare out there. I was able to find some for just under 10K with around 130K miles on it.

4th reliable pickup truck is the 2008 Ford F150



It would be a crime not to include America's best selling pickup truck on this list. Some years weren't very dependable but the 2008 model was known as being very reliable. Even if you're not a pickup truck type of person, it's hard not to like the F150. Unlike it's competitors, it's much more quite during rides, it's better looking inside,spacious and has above average safety ratings.

Some of the outside styling was borrowed from the F-350 Tonka concept truck at the time. The F150 carries a cargo management system that consists of 2 rails, a pair of bins,a pair of crossbars and a header bar. And when it comes to towing, it carries massive loads without breaking a sweat especially if you opt in for the the bigger V8 engine you’ll be able to haul up to 11K pounds!

The F150 pretty much excels in every category but when it comes to performance it's lackinga bit, compared other full size pickup trucks around the same year. 3 engine models are available. A 4. 2 V6 engine that produces 202HP and 260lb-ft of torque, a 4. 6L V8 engine that produces 248HP and 294lb-ft of tourque and a 5. 4L V8 engine that produces 300HP and 365lb-ft oftorque.

Not really that impressive but its good enough. There are only a few things more American than a pickup truck, and honestly there isno other pickup truck more American than the F150. I'd like to mention as well that you can purchase a equally as realizable 2008 Ford Ranger forunder 10K for those that want a smaller truck. Thanks to the large amount of F150s sold there are many variants available for under 10KI was able to find them for as low as $7. 5K with around 100K miles on it.

The 5th and final reliable pickup truck is the GMC Canyon



This is pretty much a mirror image of it's sister vehicle the Chevrolet Colorado. But unlike the calorado the Canyon has a few up scale touches to distinguish both of them. This truck features a body on frame design which results in it being extremely rigid which can be more notably felt around corners when driving. When it comes to the exterior you'll notice the budging fender flares that give a wider aggressive design, a bed that can vary between 6ft length and 5 ft for the crew cab model.

The bed also has tall sidewalls for deeper storage. In fact at the time is had the best in class cargo volume available. The bed can also carry up to 2400lbs of load. The tail gate also lays flat at a 55 degree angle making much easier for loading large flat panels. The interior offers durable cloth comfortable seats that provide very good lumbar support.

Overall the the interior highly functional. When it comes to safety this was one of the only trucks at the time that came with side curtain air bags standard which protect passengers in an event of a side impact accident. Moving on to performance you'll be able to find the GMC canyon with 3 different engine variants ranging from A 2. 9L inline 4 that produces 185HP and 190lb-ft of torque to their most powerful engine a V8 5. 3L that produces 300HP and 320lb-ft of torque. You can find a 2010 GMC for just under 10K with just over 100K Miles. Or you can go for the Chevrolet Colorado, your choice.

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